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The District 2020 Story

  • a legacy of expo 2020

    District 2020 will take forward Expo’s mission as a destination to “Connect. Create. Innovate.”

    District 2020 will connect original thinkers, innovators and pioneers to share ideas, learn from each other and unlock inspiration.

    From Expo 2020 Dubai to District 2020, it’s always been about connecting minds because by connecting minds, we move one step closer to creating the future.

    For more info on Expo 2020 Dubai visit: expo2020dubai.ae

    District 2020 District 2020
    Expo 2020 Expo 2020
  • Introducing District 2020

    An integrated, inclusive and diverse community

    At the heart of District 2020 lie several neighbourhoods with a balanced mix of offerings, which will make it one of the most modern and attractive new urban destinations in Dubai:

    1. Flexible and collaborative office spaces
    2. Modern residential communities
    3. Social and cultural attractions
    4. Two parks
    5. Business and leisure amenities

Be Part of the UAE Vision for 2020

and Beyond

The UAE has become a leading global hub for business, tourism and, increasingly, the sharing of knowledge. It is home to over 200 nationalities working together, exchanging ideas and forging partnerships to solidify the country’s position as a centre of innovation and knowledge.

Determination, strategy and vision for the future are our real resources in the quest for excellence and success

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai


Dubai stands at the crossroads of the world, geographically and culturally, where two-thirds of the global population are no more than eight hours’ flying time away. District 2020 is ideally connected by air, road and rail.


Life at District 2020

A vibrant community, carrying the Expo spirit

An inclusive community that celebrates diversity – you’ll find entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, students, researchers, residents, visitors, families, all benefitting from the cross-pollination of thoughts and ideas.

A vibrant community, carrying the Expo spirit
Diverse and inclusive community

Healthy work-life balance

District 2020’s buzzing business hub is balanced by a range of fitness and relaxation areas, entertainment venues, and visitor attractions, so you can work and play in one place.

Healthy work-life balance
Community Parks and Recreation Areas

Flexible office design

Flexible office designs make it easy to add, remove and adjust physical features so offices can be customised for the needs of the future workplace.

Flexible office design
Scalable and Modular Offices

Smart and sustainable

District 2020 will utilise the most advanced next generation technology infrastructure, while fulfilling our responsibility to the environment and planet through passive and active sustainability features.

Smart and sustainable
Public Shading Solutions and Advanced Telecoms

World-class architecture and iconic landmarks

District 2020’s buildings and infrastructure are designed by master architects, and adhere to the highest quality and standards.

World-class architecture and iconic landmarks
Mobility Pavilion


Where the future of business happens

A business hub designed to unify people and businesses, and spark endless connections – intended and unintended.

Collaborations that produce amazing results

By gathering businesses of all sizes across industries that are ripe for collaboration and placing them alongside enabling technologies, District 2020 will help companies grow by sharing ideas and innovating in new and spontaneous ways.

Spaces that connect

With offices ranging from hot desks and co-working spaces for small and medium enterprises, to multi-building companies for larger companies, District 2020’s offices are designed to adapt to your needs and draw people closer together.

A business hub that enhances your work

The world-class Conference and Exhibition Centre will host prominent commercial and social events, providing you and your company with great exposure and amazing networking opportunities. A host of collaborative workspaces, maker-spaces and innovation hubs will inspire and facilitate creativity and enhance productivity.


A balanced and active lifestyle are at the core of District 2020

Where you can start your day working at the next big tech giant and spend your evenings at a cinema under the stars.

Living in balance

District 2020 encourages a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Live one step away from your office and enjoy a jog in the morning, a relaxing break in the park over lunch, and a regular stream of exciting social and cultural events by night.

Your home and neighbourhood

District 2020’s neighbourhoods and homes are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse community, from young single professionals to families. Around the corner from your home are quality educational institutions, recreational and fitness facilities, and a range of original F&B and retail amenities that ensure your every need is catered for.

Highly physically and virtually connected

Beautifully planned biking paths and pedestrian walkways invite people to be mobile and explore the city on foot or by bicycle. High speed, resilient telecom infrastructure and smart services utilising the latest available technologies will enable both a seamless virtual and physical experience.


District 2020’s iconic developments and unique experiences will become a part of your every day

Al Wasl Plaza

Al Wasl Plaza

Host to the Expo 2020 Dubai opening ceremony, the breathtaking and immersive Al Wasl Plaza will hold shows and concerts, while also providing a relaxing space for people.

Children and Science Centre

Expo 2020’s Sustainability Pavilion, designed to push the limits of sustainable practice and technology, will become District 2020’s Children and Science Centre. It will provide enriching and enjoyable experiences as well as engaging ways to learn.

Children and Science Centre

District 2020 Masterplan



  • Entrances
  • Business Communities
  • Route 2020 Metro Station
  • Community Parks
  • Residential Communities


  • Parking
  • 10km of bike paths across the district
  • Smart services
  • LEED Gold Standards
  • Public shading solutions
  • Hotels, community F&B and retail
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • 44,900m2 of total green park areas
  • Advanced telecom infrastructure
  • Integrated sustainable solutions

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