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District 2020 Launches global entrepreneur programme, Scale2Dubai

We recently announced the launch of an unparalleled opportunity for ambitious start-ups worldwide that possess the drive and vision to shape their business and industry irreversibly — Scale2Dubai.

We recently announced the launch of our global entrepreneur programme, Scale2Dubai. 

Specifically aimed at offering start-ups and small businesses the opportunity to expand internationally within District 2020’s ecosystem, the Scale2Dubai programme will enable successful applicants to scale their businesses in Dubai by capitalising on the partnerships formed during the six-month Expo 2020 Dubai. Scale2Dubai will carry forward Expo 2020’s vision of gathering global minds and promoting diversity, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within District 2020.The global entrepreneur programme focuses on attracting enterprises in the early stages of growth that operate within sectors that District 2020 is focused on that are key to the UAE’s future, and other industries poised to grow in a post-COVID world such as: smart logistics and mobility, smart cities and smart wellbeing. Scale2Dubai will also target enterprises involved in technologies that support these industries such as, but not limited to, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Blockchain — which are driving progress across industries and the growth of Dubai’s  innovation-driven economy. The start-ups sought for Scale2Dubai will help to diversify the UAE’s economy, build a generation of job creators, stimulate innovation, and serve as a platform that attracts talent — all key components of our aim to create an innovative environment.

To support Scale2Dubai with a pipeline of high-potential start-ups suited to the programme, District 2020 has signed strategic partnerships with Dubai SME and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF). The organisations — both committed to supporting the growth of SMEs in the UAE — will enable start-ups to be part of the Scale2Dubai programme and gain access to District 2020 as a platform from which they can expand. Dubai SME and MBRIF will also assist the start-ups with guidance, connections, and funding.

Importantly, through Scale2Dubai, we’ll be able to provide successful applicants with a soft landing into Dubai through District 2020. They’ll gain the support they need to scale, adapt, and establish themselves in the UAE market while benefitting from two years of free working space, support in business set up, visas, and more. Additionally, they’ll be empowered by District 2020’s unrivalled physical and digital infrastructure, strategic geographic location, and unequalled work and living environment. They’ll also benefit from direct connection to the leaders in their industries present at District 2020, including Fortune 500 companies, international organisations, and influential partners. Overall, District 2020’s innovation ecosystem will give programme participants the tools they need to thrive, including access to funds, talent, services, investors,  and new projects.

Launching Scale2Dubai is an important milestone in our journey towards curating a truly global innovation-driven community. Start-ups and small businesses are a fundamental ingredient of any true innovation ecosystem as their agility makes them fast innovators and their willingness to take risks makes them great industry disrupters. Moreover, we designed Scale2Dubai to support entrepreneurs in overcoming the challenges they face while scaling.

We would like to encourage all international and local start-ups and small businesses out there to take advantage of the opportunities Scale2Dubai offers; we are excited to offer them all a place at District 2020 in Dubai. 


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