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Siemens announcement

We recently signed a 10-year lease agreement with the German company, further cementing our commitment to collaboration. Find out more about how Siemens plans to establish significant new regional business operations at District 2020.

In March we announced that Siemens, one of our key anchor tenants, will grow its presence at District 2020 following the signing of a 10-year lease agreement for two buildings. The agreement will see the German conglomerate establish significant new regional business operations at District 2020 from mid-2021, after the close of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The agreement outlines the establishment of different divisions of Siemens’ business group at District 2020, including the soon to be spun off Siemens Energy. The announcement follows Siemens’ 2017 commitment to move its global headquarters for airports, cargo, and port logistics from Munich to District 2020 in Dubai.

The office space will be among the most technologically advanced in the UAE and will serve as a base for Siemens Dubai and the newly independent Siemens Energy. Approximately 1,000 Siemens employees are expected to work from the two buildings following Expo 2020 Dubai’s transition into District 2020. A larger presence for the German company will encourage industry growth, accelerate innovation, and stimulate job creation, bringing continuous long-term value to District 2020.

The two office buildings will inherit the advanced building technologies installed for Expo 2020 Dubai. This includes the smart sensors from Enlighted, a Siemens company and IoT solutions provider. The IoT platform creates ‘sensory systems’ throughout the building that provide real-time data and analytics showing how the building is being used, while providing location services for people and assets. 

Siemens will play a key role in the transition of the Expo 2020 site into District 2020, an innovation-focused and tech-enabled smart city. The partnership supports our vision to curate an innovation ecosystem that will enable global organisations to collaborate and share knowledge, ultimately driving their respective industries forward. 

Collaborating with Siemens is significant as we work to create an innovation ecosystem that delivers value for generations to come. Thanks to its remarkable global reputation, Siemens will help us to attract other businesses to feed into the innovation ecosystem, which will benefit from being in close proximity to major players in technology and key growth industries.

As Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Infrastructure Digitalisation Partner, Siemens’ presence at District 2020 will help develop a more diverse ecosystem and drive multi-sector innovation and ideas sharing between organisations, particularly in Dubai’s key industries of logistics, energy, and future technologies.

Moreover, the agreement reinforces District 2020’s commitment to curating a smart ecosystem underpinned by next-generation digital connectivity, which aligns with Smart Dubai’s strategy of promoting technological advances that benefit the city’s people, its economy, and its resources. Siemens’ pioneering work in IoT, cloud computing, and big data will be vital in helping District 2020 to support the diversification of the UAE’s economy. 


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